School Age

School Age Aftercare
What is it that makes our school age aftercare so special? VHFLC offers a well rounded curriculum that meets the needs of each child. See below for an example of a typical daily schedule:
2:30 – Sign in. Children are signed in for the day and have the opportunity to play games or read until everyone has arrived.
2:45 – Group meeting. Here we announce our plans for the day. Although the schedule is pre-planned by our teachers, we encourage children to participate in group discussion.
3:00 – Snack. All of our snacks are made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Produce is 100% organic.
3:30 – Physical activities. Children have the opportunity to go to the gym or outside (depending on the weather). Here we play organized sports or group games with an emphasis on cooperation, physical health, and sportsmanship.
4:15 – Projects. Depending on what the teachers have planned for that day, this could include art, science, dramatic play, storytelling, and more. While following instructions is emphasised, children are often encouraged to give input and personal interpretations of projects.
4:45 – Clubs/Homework/Free choice. As we near the end of our day, children wind down with the opportunity to either participate in themed clubs (ie. gardening, electronics, beading, chess, etc), do homework, or have free choice time. Here they can play games, read, do crafts, explore manipulatives, or a multitude of other activities.